We The People For Peace - Empowering Peace Now!
St Germain speaking through Susan to Fran and Elise - 11-1-10: 
"We have a new mission for you, and with it you might think that putting the Light on all the candidates is going to end on the day of the election.  Not so.  We have much more for you to do, so we ask that you keep the Light on them, but also that you turn the focus on the creating of visions for the New America and for the world. 
"And so we shall put out the call for people from all over the world, and when we say 'New America,'  we are saying to them, 'Where do you want America to go in the leadership of the world?  We know what you see in America now.   What is there that you want to empower?   What is there that you want to transmute?   Just use the violet ray for that, and go on to send in what you create which resonates with you.' 
"We are asking you to publish these visions and invite people to come to the website to read them.  It is to be interactive, an invitation to them to send in what they envision for America's leadership, for joining in with the world community on a higher plane.  Right now the world community does not see America as shiny bright, so we're talking about creating shiny bright visions of the New America! 
"This is about asking people what they want America to stand for, to represent, and about how America can help the rest of the world. It's about asking people what role they will create for themselves as part of their visions.  It is very important to get momentum for this going now.  The results of the elections won't stop our forward progress - let's empower it at warp speed! 
"The main vision to create is a world of Peace. Then, how will people be in that Peace?  How will they help?   How will America help to create and maintain the Peace, not only in the world, but among individuals?  Laying down the guns of war will be the easy part.  How can Peace be created among the different tribes?   Among the different religions? 
"We are asking people to send in their visions for Peace and for Being in a peaceful world.* And we are asking that all who read these visions empower them with their own Lovelights, and they, in turn, shall be further empowered.  This is how we can move into the momentum of warp speed, and to heal the wounds of war and divisiveness.  This will further empower the readiness for the Announcements which are to come, and which will provide the directive for worldwide stoppage of war, so as to create the opportunity for world healing and Peace to come into being. 
"And we (the Galactics and Ascended Masters) do promise solemnly and faithfully that we will do our part to participate in the warp speed momentum.  That is Truth, and it is coming from the highest levels! 
"Please urge everyone who is inspired to participate to send in their visions before the 11-11 Exercises** begin, for that will be most auspicious in contributing to the empowering energies.  However, the visions will add to the momentum if sent in after, as well.  Be sure to post the information about the 'Great Global Meditation'**on your website, and to let everyone know that you at Ashtar on the Road have signed up to participate.  These visions which are posted there will contribute exponentially to the success of the Exercises,** and the Exercises** will contribute exponentially to the manifestation of the visions! 
"And so we thank you for accepting this latest mission, and we thank all who participate.  Namaste!" 
Given through Susan Leland, November 1, 2010.  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
After sending in your visions to Fran at peace@wethepeopleforpeace.org, please view the information at the link below for the 11-11 Global Meditation** and sign up to join lightworkers around the world and beyond for your 11 days of committed focus:
Galactic Anthem
by Kana Benz as inspired by Ashtar
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