We The People For Peace - Empowering Peace Now!
My vision in a nutshell is  of the manifestation of Light, Love, and Power for all the Sons and Daughters of Mankind.....
Therein I hold the following visions:
  That the Holy Spirit of our beings fills us  with the inspiration to change our lives;
  That all may know the God/Goddess that they are, the freedom to express it, and the inspiration to create it;
  That we all release our Selves from our past; set our souls on wings of flight and our minds to know no boundary;
  That we are filled with Love that in all things we are Our Selves- Our Sovereign Integral Selves and that we are all taught this law;
  That we establish "Universe-Cities" on the foundation of Devine Truths as we co-create the full Ascension of our Beloved Gaia and all upon and within her;
  That we all come to know the Truth of Jesuah Ben Joseph's (aka Jesus's) statement of fact, "These thing you shall do...and greater..." ;
  That all manifests as a quantum leap; that our beloved planet as a whole moves to unrelenting  acts of outrageous forgiveness, compassion, nuturance, allowance, abundance,  generosity, ie unconditional love in every regard.
  That, as J J Dewey published in the book THE IMMORTAL , "The Song of 144.000" we embrace the following final paragraph;
  "We thank you Mother/Father Source
   that You are in us and we are in You;
   that through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of power;
   that Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven;
    that through us Your Light, Love and Power is manifest to all
    the Sons and Daughters of Mankind.
  You asked for our peace visions.  There are two I thought of that I received over 30 years ago, one was of the green rolling hills like a golf course in your other picture, and the 2nd was of the picture at the bottom of this scroll down message, of being in a spotlight and where ever I went the spot light went.  It was impossible to get out of the light.  I could not stick my foot out, as if under a tent, into the darkness.  The light would move and keep me in it.
Mary Doane
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