We The People For Peace - Empowering Peace Now!
Dear Fran, and Dear St. Germain,
Thank you for the opportunity. I see America finally living up to its creed of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Freedom from economic slavery, poverty, and disease will engender much happiness by default.  It will be so easy to fly when these burdens are removed.  Having the freedom to deeply pursue that which makes our hearts sing will be such a joyous blessing.  Having the freedom to choose projects to work on and participate in that are of benefit to others will cause great joy and thankfulness.
Knowing that animals will no longer be hunted and killed for sport will bring great relief to me and many other souls.  I pray that we will be able to provide a leadership example as we smartly step out to engage these projects, and also show our commitment and thankfulness to our Mother Earth by assisting in work to help clean up and repair what we have damaged or destroyed.
I wish to express my love by involvement with music, and teaching others, and learning of new instruments and sounds of creation. 
I want the palpable sensation of the great relief provided by the reality of global peace to be contemplated each day and felt deeply with appreciation in our hearts.  For us to be so loved to be granted the grace to experience real global peace will allow us all to touch each other with honesty and build wonderful and pleasing relationships with all around us. 
I see us working hand in hand with our Space Family as we integrate new methods and technologies that are clean, efficient, and marvelous.  We will teach the children and the adults a new song: "I am full of Love, All you need is Love, I AM indeed Love." And we will sing these simple but meaningful words as we skip through the grass laughing.
I see the establishment of centers of learning and spiritual experience and instruction.  We will all live by the simple guidance of treating others as we wish to be treated.  We are helpful, happy, creative, kind, compassionate, and loving people forevermore.  Amen.
All the best to you dear people,
PS:   I still look forward to an apprentice position for a Systems Engineer on-board one of Captain Ashtar's ships.  And then, of course, at some point, I hope the Captain will let me take it for a spin!  I just adjusted the valves on my Honda CRV, so I should be able to fly a spaceship?!
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