We The People For Peace - Empowering Peace Now!
My vision for New Earth would be filled with “MUSIC” DANCING AND SINGING. 
Surprise hugs. 
Watching the sun set with friends. 
Playing with the animals.  Learning about all plant life. Teaching, loving and hugging all the children.           Geraldine
My Vision Of The New Earth
  • Fighting (War) is a distant historic event. Conflict resolution strategies are used to bring people together and mentored by skilled and experienced facilitators.

  • Food, medical aid, temporary housing and clothing are distributed, if ever the need arises, world wide. 

  •  People and animals heal with support and encouragement from many professionals and new medical approaches

  • Earth healing occurs simultaneously with the healing of people.  We see ourselves as one and the same.  There is no garbage  as we see that nothing is ever was garbage - it was simply matter in an un-restored state. Pollution is cleaned up and clean resource extraction and manufacturing takes place where appropriate

  • Education is provided free to everyone especially to areas of the World where there was formerly a lack. Vital minds and energies are emerging from these newly educated areas that assist with the rejuvenation of Earth and the advancement of global society. Education everywhere advances rapidly due to the ease of exchange of information including that from Off Earth, Inner Earth and Inter-Dimensional sources

  • Cities are being rebuilt in spectacular forms to create more attractive, functional and integrated, living spaces. The arts flourish on account of the greater freedom of people

  • The natural ecology of the Earth’s atmosphere, forests, seas, grasslands, wetlands and waterways is restored. The air is perfumed and the sound of nature is a symphony of bird, insect, wind and sea 

  • The animal kingdom is supported and cared for to ensure the maintenance of the wonderful inventory of all Earth species

  • Farming methods are aligned with holistic and natural techniques producing nutritional abundance everywhere. Disease is disappearing rapidly and magnificently healthy humans and animals are appearing

  • New clean energy provides silent transportation, lighting and temperature regulation systems

  • Ample funds are distributed to all sectors of society so that all things desired with respect for fellow humans and the Earth are achievable

  • Vacations and recreation opportunities abound for all people and interaction and exchanges with people and beings from other planetary and dimensional cultures are eagerly pursued 
I intend, choose, and call forth that each day all on Earth will live in Peace, Abundance, Joy, Truth and Freedom. 
Every relationship will reflect the Love and Respect that comes from knowing our connectedness to one another.
We will create solutions for the whole and the individual will thrive.  All will have radiant, youthful health with all DNA activated. 
We will be careful and caring stewards of Mother Earth, easily communicating with her many and wondrous kingdoms.  Our choices will assure her well being. 
The energies of lightheartedness, good humor, playfulness and laughter will be woven throughout our days. 
Earth will be known as a planet that lives the 6 Heart Virtues: appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. 
I will create or be a part of an organization made up of people who have  a passion to create solutions where there is a need, who love peace and beauty and integrity.  This group and its activities will provide a place where  people find great meaning and fulfillment thru what we are all creating----a place where we build something bigger than any one of us could ever have created alone.  We know the joy of co-creation and the nurturance of life and celebrate the Divine moving through us. 
Ahhhhh, what a wonderful world. 
Love and Peace, Judy Phillips
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