We The People For Peace - Empowering Peace Now!
By Naomi Wolf
..Yet as soon as the clock struck five in the afternoon, I was on my way up to the center of the action, to join other members of Democracy for NYC and tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers.

I came above ground at City Hall, made to go a longer route because the police had closed down nearly all of the entry points to Foley Square. As I made my way through the detours and barricades of the NYPD, I was shocked to see the extreme show of force brought forward by the authorities. Riot police were lined up in formation, in groups that were four wide, ten deep. Some of them were brandishing their billy clubs and tapping them in the palms of their hands. Cops on motorized bikes were plentiful as were those on horseback, stationed in squad cars and police vans. In effect, the area felt like being near the front lines of a war zone.

Of course, there is a war going on, a war where the 99% fight peacefully with the power of our ideas and our desire for a society where the wealthy do not trample upon the rights of everyone else. Mayor Bloomberg may have used bulldozers to push the occupiers from Liberty Square but as many are saying, "You can't evict an idea who's time has come." While the NYPD has barricaded the space once filled with a vibrant community, we will continue to occupy the streets of New York and occupy the national debate, demanding that our democratic system represent all Americans and not just the few that pull strings from Wall Street and K Street.

When I finally made it into Foley Square we were able to march towards to the Brooklyn Bridge. With friends and compatriots alike, we chanted "Recall…Bloomberg," "This is what democracy looks like," and "We...are…the 99%!" Tens of thousands of us remained peaceful and calm, despite the frigid temperatures and show of force by the authorities. Dozens played music, others carried signs and a few of us carried our group's banner, appropriately titled "Democracy for New York City."

Small "d" democracy is what we want, and as we continue to speak up and take to the streets together, it will be achieved.

In Solidarity,

Josh Silverstein
Democracy for NYC
Occupy WallStreet
The revolution continues worldwide!
Occupy Wall Street has renewed a sense of hope. It has revived a belief in community and awakened a revolutionary spirit too long silenced. Join us as we liberate space and build a movement.
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As I write this afternoon, a court order has allowed protesters back into Zuccotti Park. A supporter wrote this morning abut the scene there and its importance to the occupiers, and to the powers-that-be:

"It was the encampment that made the protest effective and drew many people to it. Without the occupation with tents, it would have been another protest ignored by the mainstream media, and it would have faded away. It was a vibrant place full of lively political discussion and protest, a place where the 99% felt they had a voice...

The rule of no tents is enforced, but not the regulations on Wall Street that harmed so many but richly profited the few. International Law is broken regularly by the US and Israel regarding wars and occupation, but there are no consequences for either government. But tents in a park, well that's serious stuff and can't be tolerated."

I urge everyone to support the occupations, and come out Thursday, November 17th - the 2 month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. If you're in NYC, find out how to help here.
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Click to join the call for real democracy -- a giant live counter of every one of us who signs the petition will be erected in the centre of the occupation in New York, and live webcasted on the petition page:
Afghanistan - 10 Years and Counting
Dear Friend,

Ten years ago today, America began the war in Afghanistan. While I voted to defend our country, I have always led the fight against the license President Bush took to continue the war. We've been in Afghanistan longer than we had ground troops in Vietnam; the war has continued longer than the Revolutionary War.

Afghanistan remains a nightmare. We must vigorously seek peace and reject the notion of unending and inevitable war. It may be politically convenient to just continue this conflict - to pass the buck and wait another day, another month, another year. This is shortsighted, and it has proved disastrous for our brave service men and women, the people of Afghanistan, and the millions of Americans who have been left behind by our war centric mentality.

It's time to end the war in Afghanistan. For our service members and their families, for struggling Americans that need investment and jobs, for the future generations who will bear the financial burdon of this war for years to come, let's end the war. Let's end it now.

The war in Afghanistan has already cost half a trillion dollars and the deaths of 1,682 of our troops. Congress must stop funding it and the administration must bring home our troops - not in 2012 or on the 20th anniversary, but now!

With respect and determination,
Dennis Kucinich
Social Justice & Anti-War Protestors
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THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.
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